It’s that time of year when the great people of the Hadfield Football Club reach into their pockets and donate $100 to assist the club in moving forward both on & off the field. (we appreciate not everyone can outlay $100 so any donation is greatly appreciated)

This year we are hoping to make $10,000 which will go towards new player facilities, league fees & having funds aside for a rainy day.

What do i get for my $100 I hear?

Well for your generosity you get the following…..
100_clubHFC 100 Club T Shirt
Members Card/Medallion
$2 pots, wine, soft drink cans Between 8pm-9pm every Thursday and Saturday nights during footy season
Name up on the 100 Club Wall (in the club room)
Limited to 100 people.

We appreciate not everyone can afford to donate $100, so any donations are greatly appreciated.

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