Raffle Lottery – 11th October 2020


Don’t miss your SECOND chance to win!

Congratulations again to our last Raffle winner: PAULINE GOODES

Buy your Hadfield Football Club Lottery Ticket Online NOW – $25.00 PER TICKET

What do you WIN ?

The winner will receive half of all money raised by Ticket Sales. Yes that’s HALF THE MONEY OF ALL TICKET SALES!

  • Sell 050 Tickets = $1,250 – you win $625
  • Sell 100 Tickets = $2,500 – you win $1,250
  • Sell 500 Tickets = $12,500 – you WIN $6,250

Support your club – buy tickets – sell tickets to your friends and WIN!

Winner will be draw automatically from the website and winner will be notified by email immediately following the draw.

Drawn: Sunday 11th October at 7pm

New draw Date

Easy to purchase tickets. PayPal (no account needed)

You must have a Hadfield Football Club Account to purchase these tickets – CLICK HERE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT


Winner is: michael.pell

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