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Mark Sabatino
Matthew Dalpiaz
Matthew Patane
Daniel Ferraro
Adrian Silvestro
Jacob Mckerchar
Tyla Sandiford
James Lorenzini
Jesse-Lee Inzillo
Zac Polizzi
Heath Mckerchar
Luke Silvestro
Shannon Dowsett
Dervis Akkus
Sam Bassi
Corey Dean
Timothy Robertson
Alex Colaidis
Antony Sicura
Judd Brewster
Sam Nasra
Harry Walker
Nader Nasra
Ferris Merhi
Stephen Rasile
Luc Oliveri
Jayke Pratt
At Junior
Josh Borg
Barry Egger(Thats EDDIE BURCH)
Reda Mekari
Hussy Taiba
Darren Harris




Wow, what an amazing start we have had to the pledge $100 to Hadfield Football Club we have had. In just under 5 hours, we have raised nearly $3,000.00. Please, lets keep this great cause ongoing. All money will be used to pay off any outstanding debts and the rest will be used to rebuild this fantastic family club that we all know and love. Any pledge, big or small, will be greatly appreciated.

All pledges can be electronically transferred to the club account:
BSB: 063476
Acct No:10174385

Please ensure that you show your name in the description so that we can send you a receipt. All pledges will then go up on a board in the club rooms showing each donation. A massive thank you to everyone that pledged so far!

Sally McKerchar
Greg Mckerchar
Lyndon Brent
Graham Luttrell
Gary Offerman
Annamaria Offerman
John Colaidis
Steven Angus
Donovan Pell
Peter (Pumpy) Walker (past player)
Glen Baulch
Ron Ahern
Wayne Gillis
Rachael Tseros
Steven Potter
Leo Tonna
David Scott
Archie Kottaridis
Alex Zorzi
Nick Saladino
Peter Inzillo
Jesse-Lee Inzillo
Polizzi Family
Janine Don-Kok
Greg Don
Lauren Micallef
Paul Micallef

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